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The Matrix Trilogy OST

The Matrix, is undoubtedly the first motion picture to emphasize the evolution of technology and let us know that a new millenium was coming, a period of wise-effect movies, with tributes to the dystopian fiction and the cyberpunk subculture and lots of references and symbols from different religions and philosophies (for example, when Neo takes the red pill given by Morpheus – the god of dreams in the Greek mithology – and he finds himself in the painful reality, this is a sending to the enlightened one, “The Awakened” – Buddha, so Morpheus thinks of him as “The One”,  the name “Neo” being an anagram for “one”). Maybe it sounds pretentious, and I know it has been said before, but I really think it is a milestone in the industry of movie-making. Before it, there were “Blade Runner” (1982), “Tron” (1982, with original score by Wendy Carlos, which also made the OST for “A Clockwork Orange”, that I already mentioned in an earlier post), “Akira” (anime movie, 1988), “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995), “Ghost in the Shell” (anime movie, 1995), “12 Monkeys” (1995), “Gattaca” (1997). After it came more epicness, like “Equilibrium” (2002), “Minority Report” (2002), “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence” (2004), “V for Vendetta” (2006, how can I not mention it, since the screenplay was written by the same Wachowski brothers) , “Avatar” (2009, maybe not that epic but we all know that James Cameron used devices created specially so that he could make this movie, after 15 years or so of planning and waiting…, and those who had the “IMAX experience” know what I’m talking about), and I can’t wait for TRON night, on the 28th, this month, to watch the 3D preview for “TRON : Legacy”!!!!

I know I may have omitted great cyberpunk and dystopian fictions, but well… if I made you curious  about this, you know that google and the torrents are your friends 😀

And back to our (electric) sheep, with the idea of the movie being sooo epic, the soundtrack couldn’t have been but PERFECT! The first Matrix released two soundtrack albums, one with the tracks that the movie popularized and “The Matrix: Original Motion Picture Score” with the orchestral score in the movie, created by Don Davis. “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” OST is made by Don Davis with a little “help” from Rob Dougan, Juno Reactor and Pale 3 (only one track).

I know you hate me for using so much epicness, so all I can say is: MATRIX FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  this one is not on the soundtrack album, but I cannot forget about it, it’s the faint music that can be heard when Neo meets the Oracle, from the 1930’s jazz origin – “Minor Swing” by guitarist Django Reinhardt



A Clockwork Orange OST

This title actually haunted me since I was a kid and I saw some bits of the movie on tv. Those images are still deep engraved in my head: Alex and his black fake eyelashes, the moloko-bar, Beethoven, the Andy Warhol-like house and well… some of the scenes that included Ultraviolence. But only a few years ago I bought the book and just a month ago I saw the full movie… And I must say I am ashamed of not doing this earlier in my life. I mean, everybody knows about “1984”  and “Animal Farm” and when you say “A Clockwork Orange” the reaction is something like:  “oh, yeah… I think it’s a movie with a few rapes in it…”  So… supposing that you already saw the movie, all I have left to say is: READ OR DIE !!!!

The first track included here is not part of the OST, but a song released in 1988 by the German punk band Die Toten Hosen called “Hier kommt Alex” (from the LP “Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau” – “A little bit of horrorshow”  and as you already guessed “Horrorschau” is a word in Nadsat, which, like the others, has a bit of a Russian sound (horosho – “good” in Russian) needless to say about the english sound of “horror-show” ). This version is actually a redone  for an unplugged show in 2005 with the opening piano of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.  Enjoy!

In a world where you’re only living to go through your day like a robot,
the biggest excitement is the daily tv picture.

Every man lives like a clockwork, programmed like a roboter,
there’s noone who stands up against it,
just a few youngsters are frustrated.

When the sun sets in the sky, the day starts for the „Droogs
They meet in small gangs and go hunting together.

Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for his Horrorshow!
Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for a little bit of Horrorshow!

On a crusade against order and the seemingly sane world, they celebrate destruction, violence and brutality.

Only when they see their victims suffer do they feel satisfaction.
There’s nothing that will stop them now in their limitless anger.

Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for his Horrorshow!
Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for a little bit of Horrorshow!

Twenty against one, until you can see the blood, whether with sticks or stones, at some point the head will crack.
The next victim is already found while you’re asking god: „Why havent you done something?

Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for his Horrorshow!
Hey, here is Alex!
The curtain raises for a little bit of Horrorshow!

“The Funeral of Queen Mary” – Wendy Carlos

The best version, with love 😀

Cruel Intentions OST

Some great tracks, that I’ve always found intriguing to say the least… It’s not a top five or something, I can’t decide which one I like the most cause they’re all delicious and eargasmic in a way… And I just realised I should watch this movie again, because it’s been like… 3 years since I saw it 🙂