T2ON (TRON): Legacy. The review of the preview

28 of (R)oc(k)tober, the day of the long waited TRON night. I must say first that I did not see the ’82 TRON by Steven Lisberger (director and writer), but I will see it before the full TRON: Legacy.

For the introduction I must say that the name of the director is Joseph Kosinski, and that this is his first movie. Steven Lisberger is still in the picture, as a writer, executive producer, and even actor (apparently nobody knows the name of the character (if he has one)…yet!). And you will also get to see both  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, from Daft Punk, the elecTRONic french band, also unspecified but credited  characters.

*no spoilers!

So, after this short 23 minutes preview, consisting of a number of really intriguing scenes, I can shoot you with these bullets:

  • hacker
  • cyber/futuristic (and dystopian) world (cyber clothes, cyber chicks, cyber motorcycles, cyber cars, cyber dropships, probably cyber planes and who knows, maybe some cyber sex 😀 )
  • disc fights, much cooler than the old-fashioned laser sabre fights
  • wise-effect
  • epic OST
  • quite predictible story (I can already feel a happy ending, and the fact that there will be sequels)
  • probably will be considered to be “the second Matrix”.

All in all a must see, if you are a fan of cyberpunk and dystopies.

See you at IMAX! 😛

….and since a little music video says more than a thousand words.. here you go:


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